SMSC/PSHE/Citizenship Secondary Enrichment Resources

These remote resources are created for secondary pupils. Each session will complement your PSHE, Citizenship and SMSC based pastoral or enrichment programmes for students learning from home.
There is a key focus on organisation, optimism, resilience,importance of community, how we should avoid the trap of fake news and good mental health and wellbeing.

Where to get Mental Health Support

This resource provides a list of specialist services which provide free professional support for mental health during Covid-19.

The aim of this resource is to ensure that students know where to turn if they feel they need support.





The Linking Network’s Guide to Social Distancing

Social distancing saves lives. But how does it work? What actually is the R rate? We have created a compelling home learning resource for secondary pupils, highlighting the importance of staying home and staying safe. This resource reflects the most recent government guidance (as of 4th January 2021). Please take a look…

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Making It Happen

The session was planned with the current issues around Covid-19 in mind and exploring ways to create a positive mindset and routines to help us work effectively at home.The aim of this session is to give you an opportunity to reflect on how we are agents of change and why positive visualisations and planning is the first step in preparing effectively for our future.

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Community – Staying Positive and Mindful of Others

This is a difficult time for many of us. This audio PowerPoint and video are to help us reflect on the importance of community and how helpful it is for us to stay positive and mindful of others. Only by working together can we overcome the issues that we are currently facing.       Powerpoint         Video


Guidelines for Dialogue

The aim of this session is to explore some guidelines which can help students engage in dialogue in a positive way. Students will be introduced to the 9 Guidelines and consider how they can practice these skills in everyday life.

The session explains what can happen when we’re engaging in tricky conversation and how students can practice their skills and engage in a more positive way with potentially better outcomes.



Make This Day Great – Exploring the impact of small changes and good habits

Working from home is never easy. One key tip is to try to make something of each day by taking small steps and forming good habits- that can add up to big differences. This resource is designed to get secondary school students to think about the changes that they can make and reflect on their stumbling blocks. So let’s get started…

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Dealing with Adversity

This resource is a great way to give pupils an opportunity to reflect on the importance of resilience and how dealing with adversity can help shape our lives and make us stronger.



Seeing the Bigger Picture – Avoid the trap of fake news!

This session explores why it is good to be sceptical about what you read on the web. The internet is amazing, but we need to be careful and keep asking questions about the reliability of information online.

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Assembly on the importance of scientific discoveries such as vaccines. (ks3-ks5)

This assembly highlights the importance of scientific discoveries such as the Covid 19 vaccines.  The aim of this assembly is to give pupils a chance to appreciate the importance of scientific discoveries; particularly the new vaccines to combat Covid-19.             Powerpoint                 Video


Making a Difference Assembly

The aim of this assembly is to give pupils an opportunity to think about how they can make a difference.
Students will hopefully have a chance to reflect and explore the following:

Can one person really make a difference?
How can we be successful agents of change?

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