Communicating the Programme

Film Link

Here is a short film which provides an overview of Shuttle Dialogue Linking for Secondary Schools and what the programme involves.  Click here to view.

This can be used to explain the work to Governors, Leadership Teams…




Letter for Parents/ Carers

This letter can be shared with parents and carers to inform them of your school’s participation in the Shuttle Dialogue Linking programme. You will need to adapt the letter in line with your school’s policies and your plans for linking.

Shuttle Dialogue Linking-Letter-for-Parents-re-Linking



If you use Twitter you may want to let your Twitter followers know that you are taking part in Shuttle Dialogue Linking for Secondary Schools.

Please tag your local authority area into your tweet as well as @Linking_Network and use the hashtag #SchoolsLinking – we can’t wait to see your tweets about your linking programme.