What is Shuttle Dialogue?


Throughout this project we will be using an idea that we are calling Shuttle Dialogue.

What is Shuttle Dialogue?  Shuttle Dialogue is where each class reflects on the same issue and shares their ideas with their link class.

Weaving is the process used to make fabric when threads cross each other as in the picture.  The shuttle is used to carry the thread.  Now, without the backwards and forwards – we have no weaving and of course no fabric would get made!  But if we put the white and blue thread together – a pattern emerges!

In the same way, without sharing with the other school, students will miss out on a great deal … simply put, we are going to weave something by exchanging our valuable thoughts and ideas – students will send and receive thoughts and reflections so although students will not meet in person they will learn from one another’s ideas. You can hear a Year 10 student’s  guide to Shuttle Dialogue here.

We have created a short Module on Dialogue (presentation with audio) you can watch and listen to here Dialogue ppt with audio and an information sheet.