Teacher CPD

You’ll find our online Teacher Guide to Shuttle Dialogue Linking here Teacher Guide.

This takes you through all five planned sessions and has planning documenst as well as giving background theory and context.





Recruitment Letters:

Renewal letter for the link teacher in secondary schools who have already been part of linking previously. This is for the link teacher, designed to recruit schools to this year’s programme – don’t forget to add your contact details, logo and dates of CPD.

Summary Information for Teachers – Shuttle Dialogue Linking for Secondary Schools – you may wish to include this document as an attachment. It has a lot of the same information but could be used to share with colleagues or SLT.  You may also want to include this  expression of interest/ renewal form  for schools to complete and return to you. You’ll need  to add your contact details, logo and dates of CPD- and personalise it with anything else you include.

Letter for recruiting new schools – outlining secondary linking in 2020-21, which can be used for recruiting new schools . It includes links to the overview video and outlines the secondary programme for 2020-21, it also contain an expression of interest form. Please add your contact details, logo and dates of CPD- and personalise it as usual.



We’ve made a short film which provides an overview of  the new Shuttle Dialogue Linking for Secondary Schools and what the programme involves.  Click here to view.





We’ve made a brief Dialogue module which provides you with some context for the role that dialogue plays in linking and your role as a teacher. It’s a presentation with audio you can download and listen to. Click here to view.






If you would like to arrange to join the linking programme and attend training you can email us at Liz.Firth@thelinkingnetwork.org.uk or Azam.Ali@thelinkingnetwork.org.uk or you can look to see if there is a local linking programme near you- you can find contact details for all the Network facilitators here.

If there is no local programme near you but you have a link school and would like to arrange training please get in touch as we can support you with live online training.




Digital Support

This section has a wide range of How to Guides for Digital Linking.

These include Adding Voiceovers to PowerPoint, using Book Creator, Holding Video Calls between two linked classes.

Thank you to the Innovation Centre, Bradford Council for their partnership work with us over time on Digital Linking.