Resources for Special-Mainstream Linking

Making Music Circle Game

Making Music Circle Game ppt and word doc

What you need:  Music to listen to whilst gathering/ at the end. Foot stomping – shoes on a hard floor covering works well, but it will still work on carpet.  Shoes can be worn on feet or hands as necessary/preferred.  Pupils can clap their hands together, on their knees, on their chest or on the floor.

Team Art

Team Art and Group Monster Games in ppt and word doc

What you need: All pupils will need a piece of paper and pencils, or an iPad where they can create their own picture by dragging pictures onto a page.




Whats in the Bag? Game

Whats in the bag? Charades and Moving Bingo Games  ppt and word doc

What you need:  a copy of the ‘All About Me’ worksheet for each child to complete

  • In advance, prepare a bag/tray filled with the images or objects to do with favourite activities featured on the All About Me worksheet or have them on a computer screen generator if playing on Zoom.

What Can You Feel? Game

What Can You Feel Game in ppt and word doc

What you need:   A range of different tactile materials for each group of pupils.

(These could include a small blown-up balloon, a paint brush, an art roller,  tissue paper, plasticine, soft toothbrush, cotton wool, velvet). Practice describing surfaces- soft, prickly, smooth, scratchy etc

The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ In the Jungle Zoom Sing Along Activity

‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’/ In the Jungle sing along zoom activity with Makaton signing ppt  and in a word doc

What you need: a copy of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ song.

In advance, pupils choose their favourite jungle animal, they could make an animal mask in an art lesson that they can wear for the zoom session

Practice the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, let the pupils know that the children at the link school are also practicing this song

'You've got a Friend in Me Zoom Sing Along Activity

‘You’ve got a Friend in Me’ zoom sing along with Makaton signing ppt and in a word doc

What you need:

‘You’ve got a Friend in Me’ song

Before the session:  Talk about what makes a good friend and what you can do when making a new friend eg smile when you meet someone new. How many ways do we know to say ‘Hello?’ (ppt slides)

Pupils practice their own special wave that they will do on the screen

Practice the song ‘You’ve got a Friend in Me’, let the pupils know that the children at the link school are also practicing this song

You can view all of the games here , or download a Powerpoint with all of the above games, or word doc with all of the games

Social Stories

There are sample social stories on the website, here, they include: Introducing Myself, Sending My Picture, Meeting New Children,  Visiting a Different School, Children from a Different School Coming to Visit Me.

For each story, consideration was given to the perception of the child, and should help the child to access the concept.  The story can and should be adapted for individual children.  We would recommend that the parent or caregiver is contacted regarding adaptations.

The social stories are provided as a narrative only or narrative with supporting images.

You can find out more about social stories in general at

More Social Stories

Creating a great Welcome to a Neutral Venue

This video below was created by M6 Theatre who provide the Neutral Venue Visit for Rochdale Schools Linking classes. It was created following advice on creating an Autism Friendly welcome and the ideas here can be used by other venues who host linking


Understanding Autism

This powerful video could help children and adults alike to understand how the world is for an autistic person. This is all part of helping us consider the needs of all children before starting linking.

‘I’m not naughty, I’m autistic’