At The Linking Network we have 4 key questions which underpin our work,

Who am I?

Who are we?

Where do we live?

How do we all live together?

At both primary and secondary level, we deliver dialogue work to help students explore these questions and the issues that arise from them. There’s lots of dialogue tools and techniques which can support students to develop a deeper understanding of their own beliefs and views and to share these and listen to the beliefs and views of others.

We’ve shared some resources on this page, get in touch if you need any help.


Guidelines for Dialogue

This resource is a great starting point for students to think about how they want to create a safe space for them to share and listen to each other well. You could work with students to come up with their own guidelines but when time is short you may find these cover the essentials and students can always be encouraged to add anything they feel is missing from the list.


Fake News Videos


Bandwagon video




Assertion video




Lesser of two evils video




Scapegoating video




Down with the kids video




Transfer video




Omission video