Digital Linking

This teacher training video shares learning and top tips learnt during class to class digital linking. It covers:

> Class to class Skype.

> The value of the Edmodo platform for classes to share photos, videos, conversations and classroom work in a safe secure way.

> Tips for helping primary children to make mini videos to send to a partner class

> The power and fun of using green screens.

Digital Linking

This guidance document written by TLN in partnership with specialist Educational IT Advisors at the Innovation Centre at Bradford Council walks you through the many opportunities digital linking affords. You can use Skype, email, forums and sending documents and videos. There are many elements of the computing curriculum you can cover with digital linking and this guide provides practical classroom tips and detailed instructions. See also our guidance on using Edmodo.

A guide to using iMovie

Follow the URL or scan the QR code in this pdf for a guide to how teachers can help children to introduce themselves to other children by creating a slideshow in iMovie.

How to use Google Drive

This video shows you how to use Google Drive to transfer files between tablets and laptops. This is vital so children can share their work with a teacher, so children can see work done by their classmates and so teachers can send images to the tablets if they don’t want children to search for images themselves. It also shows how one school can share the work in their Google Drive with a linking school.

How to Green Screen

For those of you wanting to use green screen as part of your digital exchange, this video may be useful. A special thank you to the digital leaders at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Keighley, for putting this together and sending it to us!