Social Action

We believe that engaging children in social action as part of their linking journey enhances the experience and deepens the impact. Thinking together about things that matter to us and exploring shared goals helps children to have an understanding of how we all live together and ways we can make a difference.

Whether you call it social action, active citizenship or volunteering  it provides a powerful purpose for linking schools and their community.

We have lots of news and ideas to share from events and activities across the network. Have a look at the resources below or get in touch for more support.


Start Now – a poem by Matt Goodfellow

Show the Love 2020 – TLN Assembly

Friday 14th February will be a day for us to show the love to our planet.  Here is an assembly that you can use in school to encourage children to make the world a better place.


The iwill campaign website has lots of reading on this area of work.

Iwill 4 Nature – Eden Communities Lesson Powerpoint

Buckinghamshire’s linking has social action at its heart. Schools work with the Town Council and ‘Amersham in Bloom’ with consistently outstanding results. Pupils Georgia, Tyler and Jack said “Our experience of the project enabled us to meet new people and to develop our social skills. We learnt how to work well together in a team in outdoor activities, which also helped us to understand what is involved in some of the tasks that the Council undertakes. Lastly, and importantly, we made new friendships, had fun and enjoyed ourselves very much”.

Lapage Case Study

The story of this Case Study began when we were working with Lapage Primary Schoool in Bradford to identify strengths and next steps for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development for the school and we noticed a quiet display in a corridor labelled Active Citizenship. On a closer read we realised that this three form entry primary school had created something remarkable. They have a strategy of engaging every single class in evry single year group in a specific age appropriate form of active citizenship ranging from Schools Linking in Year 4, helping with Bradford Cathedral Bells Project in Yera 5 and engaging in Intergenerational Linking in Early Years. We went back intot the school to disocover how this has been created – and this case study shares the story we found.

Lapage case study video 

This video shares tells the story of Active Citizenship at Lapage Primary School, Bradford. We were able to arrange the filming of this work thanks to generous funding from the Pears #iwill fund who were excited to hear of the strategic approach to Active Citizenship and Social Action that had been developed.

Social Action Assemblies We have written two assemblies for Youth Social Action which you cna download and adapt for your school – one Primary and the other Secondary.


Building Character Through Youth Social Action

Breaking Down Barriers to Student Opportunities and Youth Social Action 2015

Make It Happen – Social Action Toolkit June 2016

Youth Social Action Boosts Social Mobility April 2017