Schools Linking Celebration Week – Primary

Our next Schools Linking Celebration Week will be 3rd – 7th July 2023


Schools Linking Celebration Week – Class Lesson  – powerpoint 

How do we all live well together? These PowerPoint slides support School Linking classes to explore the question. with Lesson Plan and Resources below.

Please note this lesson can be enjoyed by classes who don’t link -a few slides about linking just need to be deleted by the teacher.



Schools Linking Celebration Week- Class  Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is supported by an adaptable PPT and the resources below.




Schools Linking Celebration Week Whole School Assembly Powerpoint

This PowerPoint is specifically for Linking Teachers and Classes to share about  Schools Linking with their school community.




Link to Primary Padlet  

This padlet is a way for schools across the country to share the great work that has been created in class, whilst exploring the question, ‘how do we all live well together?’ You can upload work at any point before, after or during the Schools Linking Celebration Week. Rest assured that all uploads will be moderated and approved by the TLN team- all you have to do is upload your masterpieces and then look forward to sharing this padlet with your class!






Lesson Resources

These handouts are all available for teachers to select from and download for the class lesson exploring How do we all live well together?

Class Lesson Freedom Park discussion images with questions




Class Lesson Freedom Park discussion images




Class Lesson Poetry Starters




Class Lesson Useful Words




Single Dove Template




Two Doves Template




Six Doves Template




Single Kite Template




Two Kites Template




Six Kites Template




How do we all live well together Display 1




How can we all live well together Display 2




Park Display Border










Guidance for schools on the Celebration Week here






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Gif 2




Gif 3




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