Schools Linking Celebration Week – Secondary

Our next Schools Linking Celebration Week will be 3rd – 7th July 2023


Guidance for schools on the Celebration Week here

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How do we all live well together?  Lesson powerpoint

The aim of this session is to allow pupils to reflect on how we all live well together.

Hopefully, it will allow pupils to explore and reflect on what is meant by diversity, the importance of equality and the realistic steps that we can all take to get along in school and beyond.

It is meant to be an optimistic session that should also allow pupils to reflect on positive ways forward. As part of this session, there are opportunities for dialogue, short video clips, silent debate activity and an opportunity to create a ‘post-it’ tapestry


How do we all live well together?  Lesson Plan

This document provides a detailed outline of the lesson above.




 Schools Linking Celebration Week padlet 

Students can share their thoughts with other students nationally. This an anonymous moderated online way of capturing students feedback anonymously.




How do we all live well together powerpoint which has a variety of optional activities to suit your class…

Be part of our School Linking Celebration Week by using this lesson. There are 4 different optional activities in this resource, allowing the teacher to select one or more activities that would be suitable for their class. The aim of all the sessions is to allow pupils to reflect on the question ‘how do we all live well together?’ .

Activities range from silent debate, creating a tapestry, poetry and much more. Please take a look!


Assembly for School Linking Celebration Week: How do we all live well together? 

The aim of this assembly is to allow pupils to reflect on how we can all live well together.There is space in the assembly for schools that are already linking to share and celebrate their linking journey too.

The assembly includes a short video of secondary pupils talking candidly about what steps they can take to create a more harmonious society. Please take a look!