Social Action and Schools Linking


Youth social action refers to activities that young people do to make a positive difference to others or the environment. (#iwill Campaign)

So the question is, how does this idea of social action lend itself to The Linking Network and our work within schools? Luckily for us, the answer is perfectly.

Social Contact Theory and the link to social action within Schools Linking

TLN’s Schools Linking Programmes aims to  provide opportunities for  young people to meet, build new relationships and work together in a bid to reduce prejudice amongst different social groups. This endeavour is grounded in Social Contact Theory where research indicates  that meaningful collaborative activity and shared goals are key conditions for groups to move from a feeling of ‘Them and Us’ towards a more inclusive  feeling of  ‘We’ . This is where social action comes in.

Our experience of running Schools Linking Programmes since 2001 confirms that social action can provide the common goals, and meaningful collaborative actions that Social Contact Theory research around the world has identified as key conditions for effective impact. Examples of this can include children working collaboratively to explore how to care for the planet, collectively discussing human rights and equality as well as  coming together to  raise awareness about issues facing the local community. These positive explorations fit comfortably with our questions of Where Do We Live? and How Do We All Live Together? With such great opportunities for meaningful interactions, scaffolded around our framework, it’s clear that social action is a natural fit with Schools Linking. We are so grateful for the support of the #iwill fund to help us in this endeavour to develop our pathway for primary social action in linking.

To discover more opportunities for inspiring social action in the curriculum please see our curriculum resources and books sections and through our Schools Linking programmes please get in touch.

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