Social Action Songs

We’ve put together a selection of songs that can be used in assemblies and the classroom to empower young people to believe in themselves and bring change. Simply click on the links and turn the volume up!

If You're Out There- John Legend

A beautiful and uplifting song encouraging young people to lead and be the change they want to see in the world.

If You’re Out There – John Legend 

Broadway Kids Against Bullying: I Have A Voice

This song carries the message that we all have a unique and empowering voice that brings comfort and strength.

I Have A Voice 

Hear My Voice- Celeste

A soulful song about listening to one another to create a world in which we can all believe.

Hear My Voice- Celeste

Just A Girl - Gracie Davies

A song that speaks to girls and reminds them to keep believing in themselves, know their worth and ‘breathe fire.’

Just A Girl – Gracie Davies

The Greatest - James Blunt

Encouraging young people to be brave, powerful and change the world, this song is perfect for promoting youth social action.

The Greatest – James Blunt

Be The Change by Sing Up

A catchy song that encourages children  to be the change.

Be The Change by Sing Up

Don't Hide Your Magic- Emily Arrow & Brad Montague

“You have a spark that can light up the dark and it’s so fantastic.” Great lyrics to a great song.

Don’t Hide Your Magic- Emily Arrow & Brad Montague

Try Everything - Shakira

Trying to change the world isn’t always easy but this song reminds us to preserver even when we fail.

Try Everything – Shakira

Rise Up - Andrea Day

This song inspires us to be resilient,  rise up and have hope.

Rise Up – Andrea Day

Change The World - Colby and Awu

“I can, you can, we can change the world.” A message of working together as a community to change the world.

Change The World – Colby and Awu