Special – Mainstream Case Studies

Tower Hamlets Case Study

The Tower Hamlets Special- Mainstream Linking  began in Summer Term 2018.  In their first year of linking, a range of types of special school classes were involved: classes in special schools; special school classes within mainstream secondary schools; a special school satellite class based in a mainstream primary school. This range offers this case study a selection of models for future work and we believe that these models are replicable in other contexts.  The Linking Network resources have been used with adaptations, where necessary, so that  the activities flowed and all the children were more able to access the same task.

Bolton: Pendle View Primary School and Holly Grove Primary School

Bolton Special Linking Case Study: School linking between Pendle View Primary School and Holly Grove Primary School started when both lead teachers were invited to a CPD course at Burnley Faith Centre in October 2018. Both schools are special schools, based in east Lancashire, in neighbouring districts, and cater for children aged 3-11 with a range of special educational needs. It was agreed between the lead staff members that due to the backgrounds, needs and developmental levels of our pupils (all from special schools) that the linking would focus on social skills including meeting and interacting with new people appropriately, developing friendships; beginning to recognise similarities and differences between ourselves and others and celebrate/ begin to show respect for these.

Bradford: Hazelbeck Special School and Beckfoot School

Bradford Special-Mainstream Case Study: Hazelbeck Special School and Beckfoot School, were allocated funding this year from the All in Award.  Within the space of only ten weeks, they were able to bring together an amazing Performing Arts Link, leading to a fabulous evening performance for parents. The two schools plan to sustain this highly successful link into the future.  Head of Music Beckfoot School:  ‘It was such a special evening, very moving and full of such talent from both schools. The inclusivity of the event was brilliant and seeing the huge smiles on everyone’s faces was so special: ‘ You did that!’ The Hazelbeck staff were an absolute inspiration the way they make every student feel special, get totally immersed in what is going on and make such a difference. I was genuinely moved and loved the whole evening, such very special staff and students on show that made such a difference to so many people.

Buckinghamshire: Dr Challoner's Grammar School and Stony Dean School

Buckinghamshire Special-Mainstream Case Study Dr Challoner’s Grammar School (a selective grammar school for boys) and Stony Dean School (a community special school and specialist SEN college) began linking two years ago. The first year’s Linking Project focused on working with the Town Council and Amersham in Bloom.  Students designed and planted a planting scheme for spring bulbs and then did tree planting. They also produced a video documenting and reflecting their experiences and their spring bulb display featured in a BBC documentary about Britain in Bloom shown in April 2019.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l53sX7BqBo

Derby: Darley Dale Primary School and St Giles Special School

Derby Special-Mainstream Case Study:    Darley Dale Primary School and St Giles Special School have a link that began in 2017. The schools were keen to establish and maintain the partnership with strong commitment from the senior leadership team in both schools. St Giles were adamant that a link with a mainstream school was their preference and Darley Dale were keen to embrace the opportunity. The resulting partnership has endured staff changes, long term absences and Ofsted inspections.   A Darley Dale staff member was heard to say “This is the best thing we have ever done!”