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11 July, 2023

A joyful Schools Linking Celebration Week

It’s been great to celebrate the Schools Linking year together!

What a challenge to pick out our best bits from the week, we’ve managed to agree on a few key moments to share with you here….

We were delighted to be joined by 158 classes from across the country at our Live Lessons on Tuesday 4th July. Pupils and teachers took part in games and shared what they had enjoyed most about their linking journey and their answers to the question, ‘How do we all live well together?’

Another highlight of the week was seeing how different areas around the country celebrated their schools linking work with local communities.

Pendle Family Festival

Carry my Story in Kirklees

Oldham Gallery hosted an art display, Pendle Family Festival saw linking children perform together, Kirklees gathered hundreds of children, families and people from the Refugee community to celebrate their Carry my Story schools linking programme.

Oldham Mayor chatting with linking children at the celebration event Gallery Oldham

Of course, the feedback which really matters comes from the children and young people who participate in the links. These were some of our favourite responses when we asked pupils How do we all live together well?
be considerate of others struggles
– exchange kind words
– prioritise happiness but not at the expense of others
– help people when they feel down

When we asked What was your favourite memory of linking this year? the children shared these thoughts,
meeting new children in real life
– eating lunch together
– Playing lots of games

So a huge thank you to all who helped make our celebrations so joyful. We loved how all the programmes around the country have shared some of the great linking work that has taken place this year. It has been wonderful to have a snapshot of the work that has taken place and to see the impact of linking on those who take part. Thank you to the teachers who lead linking in their schools – this work is made possible by pairs of link teachers supported by their local facilitator up and down the country.

You can see more of what was shared by following the hashtag #SLCW on twitter. If you have been inspired to find out more or are interested in taking part then please get in touch with your local facilitator or contact us directly.

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