Usha and The Stolen Sun

by Bree Galbraith ISBN:  978-1771472760

Usha and the Stolen Sun tells the powerful story of a young girl who wants to bring change to the village where she lives. The village has had no sun for years due to a wall which stands between Usha’s home and the neighbouring town.  She decides to take action and find a way to bring down the wall.

This is a joyful story which focuses on one girl’s quest to bring change. Usha discovers that by using her voice and sharing her story  she can break down barriers in more ways than one.

This is a great classroom resources and can act as a starting point for social action work. Children can begin to realise the power of their words and how, by sharing stories, we can build empathy which is essential when laying the foundations for active citizenship.

This book can be used in the classroom alongside our  Your Voice is Amazing Assembly 2020  which highlights the impact our voices can have in bringing change.

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