Two dedicated and passionate Stockport Headteachers, whose schools  have a long  established link have shared their thoughts with us in this video: Headteacher at Mellor Primary School, Jim Nicholson and David Marshall, Headteacher at Cale Green Primary School  on the benefits of linking.

We have videos promoting linking, lots of promotional videos for the classroom, case studies and teacher training and additional vimeo videos, that you can share with schools. Here are just a few of the videos for the classroom:

Preparing to Meet

First Meeting at a Neutral Venue

Allotment Project

Team Spirit: Theme ‘Where do we Live?’

Class Visit: Mixed, Paired Classes

Neutral Venue: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In the Evaluation section of the main website there are a number of webinars and PowerPoints that you may find useful, eg.Dr Lindsey Cameron’s PowerPoint about the psychology behind Phase 2 thinking; building common ground through shared social action and reinforcing the central role that schools have in developing children’s attitudes (you can now download this here) .