What is High Quality Youth Social Action?


The #iwill Campaign is a movement that champions  high quality youth social action.  It recognises that children and young people have the power, resilience and spark to bring change to the world in order to make a better present and future for us all. We are proud to partner with the campaign.

Here at TLN we know that introducing primary school children to social action will have a positive impact on them with research suggesting that if this happens before they are 10 then  a high percentage will return to some form of social action later in  life.

When implementing social action within schools it’s important to strive for it to be as ‘high quality’  as it can be in order for it to have maximum impact. So what constitutes high quality social action?

#iwill state that ‘high quality social action’ consists of the following 6 principles.

  • Be youth-led
  • Be challenging
  • Have social impact
  • Allow progression to other opportunities
  • Be embedded in a young person’s life
  • Enable reflection about the value of the activity

(Taken from https://www.iwill.org.uk/about-us/youth-social-action)

It’s evident that any social action that takes place in schools should be thoughtful, entail careful planning and involve the voice of the children taking part. Children are far more likely to support a cause which resonates with them and peaks their interest. Young voices matter.

To build social action into your link year we have a range of books and resources that you can use. Encouraging children to think about the environment and human rights is a great way to start and get children thinking about how to create a kinder and more connected world.

For more deatails and information about the six principles of high quality  youth social action please take a look at the poster below created by #iwill.