What we do

We seek to link schools and communities together, and support work on SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural) development that can form a lever for positive whole school change. This includes exploration of British values. Our learning, from the Bradford local school linking programme, from partners we work with around the country and our direct work with schools, informs our work. We offer:

  • Support and training for facilitators running a local linking project for groups of schools.
  • Tried and tested classroom resources supporting linking, SMSC, meaningful approaches to British values, equalities, diversity, sense of belonging, identity.
  • Training for school leadership of SMSC, British values, equalities and ethos.
  • an action research SMSC Network for secondary leaders across Bradford
  • Reviews and bespoke support for school ethos and culture, equalities, SMSC and British Values.
  • Engage with, trial and promote excellent curriculum providers.
  • Staff training in your school connected to ethos and SMSC, British Values, relationships, cohesion, equalities.


Schools Linking Programmes

We connect and support a network of 28 local schools linking programmes across the country.The network is backed by the Pears Foundation, the Ministry Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Department for Education. Each local programme offers local support to pairs of linked classes from different schools in an area so that pupils are able to meet others they would otherwise not meet. See our National Network page for contact details- please do get in touch with the local facilitator in your area  if you would like to express an interest in setting up a link for your school.

‘There is strong evidence that high levels of meaningful contact between people from different backgrounds can reduce prejudice; increase trust and understanding between groups and lead to a greater sense of togetherness.  TLN’s  schools linking programme provides a structured programme of training, resources and support to enable schools to build high quality links.  It enables children to develop skills of enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and communication, as well as providing the opportunity for children and young people to meet, build new relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community.’ Pears Foundation


We deliver training courses on delivering effective school linking and facilitating a school linking project in an area. We offer CPD on Leading SMSC across a school and we offer bespoke support and review for school culture and ethos in your school. We can deliver staff meetings in school on SMSC including British values. Contact us or see our courses page for further details

Dialogue and Difficult Conversations

We have a structure and resources for handling difficult conversations in the classroom. Contact us for further details.


We provide guidance on the latest requirements and expectations for schools for SMSC including British values and positive curriculum responses that promote equality, diversity, identity and community.


We write and trial classroom resources for Primary and Secondary Schools connected to identity, diversity, community and equality. These resources provide comprehensive support teachers leading schools linking with their class or group. We also offer resources to help teachers deliver lessons in their own school that develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of pupils across their school.