In this Guidance Area we post documents connected to identity, diversity, equality, community, SMSC including British values, safeguarding, bullying and the National Curriculum.

Summary documents made by TLN of the latest guidance from the Ofsted Inspection Handbook, DfE British values and SMSC Guidance, the DfE Prevent Duty for Schools. These can be useful for delivering staff training on SMSC or Schools Linking. We update these when documents are updated so please check back here:

Evaluations of Schools Linking 

  • NFER evaluation This evaluation published in 2011 looked at the expansion of Schools Linking nationally.
  • Linking Evaluation 2009  This evaluation was of the Bradford Schools Linking programme as it had evolved and was being adopted in other local authority areas.
  • Evaluation 2006   This evaluation was of the Bradford Schools Linking Programme and was led by Anni Raw.


Papers about Schools Linking

‘If you could do one thing’ British Academy Essay: 10 local actions to promote social integration. TLN contributed essay 5


Promoting Ethnic and Religious Integration In Schools: A Review of Evidence

This review was commissioned by the DfE and undertaken by NIESR and references Schools Linking and also the resources Schools Linking provides for classroom use


RE and good community relations:
What can RE learn from social psychology? A Toolkit for Teachers of RE

TLN spoke to the authors of this really helpful toolkit which outlines Social Contact Theory – TLN work is featured on page 10 on

Reports and Papers