Welcome Back

Circle Games

Socially distanced circle games

We have gathered a set of games which can be played while socially distancing to help pupils connect.


Planning Document

TLN Final Welcome back and Moving on Planning Doc

This selection of resources were gathered by Stockport Council Schools Linking Team from TLN Resources to support their Year 6 pupils  to reconnect with primary school and prepare for moving on and they have kindly shared the plans  . The resources they recommend are posted below. All the resources are written to help pupils explore identity, diversity, community, and equality using  four questions Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? How do we all live together? They can be used with Key STage 2 Pupils returning to school in the Autumn.

Games are a powerful way to connect with others  – we have gathered and adapted some here so they can be played while social distancing.


Who Am I?

Identity Maps

A chance to think about multiple identity and develop self -esteem


Identity Maps 2020

Example Pupil Outcome

Example Pupil Outcome 2




A moment to think about names and their meanings as one part of our identity

Names PowerPoint



Thinking about identity as preparation for talking to new people

Identity Bag Home Learning Activity

I am, I wonder PowerPoint

Identity Maps



Who are we?

The Skin I'm In

Supporting pupils to think about identity and diversity.

Skin Again (PowerPoint) based on the wonderful book Skin Again written by Bell Hooks.

Portrait Gallery (PowerPoint) Ideas for creating portraits in different styles

Names by Roger Stevens

Awareness of others through exploring names and their meanings in the group.

Names PowerPoint

Names by Roger Stevens


Where do I live?

Window by Jeannie Baker

A chance for pupils draw the view of places they know and belong and a chance to think about the places they will belong in the future.


View from a window (PDF)

View from a window (Powerpoint)

Map of Good Memories

A chance to reflect on the places that hold memories for them as they reach the end of Primary School and prepare to move on.


Map of Good Memories book (Powerpoint)

Map Of Good Memories (PDF)

Mapping Places (Powerpoint)

Where do we live (Powerpoint)

Here we are

A chance to think and talk about belonging globally and the importance of kindness.

A couple of ideas for environmental activities pupils could create at home or outside at school are included.

Here We Are PowerPoint

How to make a bug bedroom (powerpoint)


Making a Bird Feeder


How do we live together?


Resources that give a moment to reflect on what kindness & social action look like.

Kindness powerpoint



Reading the book  




Under the Same Sky

Thinking about our place in the world, equality – ‘we all live under the same sky’ and our hopes and dreams for the future as we move on.


Under the Same Sky PowerPoint

Hope-and-Dreams 2020

Video of Britta Teckentrup


Matt Goodfellow the poet has kindly read his wonderful poem Together.

 Video of Matt Goodfellow

Together Powerpoint

Can't Take the Future Out of Me

Matt Goodfellow the poet kindly reading his poem Can’t Take The Future Out Of Me especially for  Year 6 pupils.

Video of  Matt Goodfellow

Can’t Take the Future Out of Me