British Values Lesson Pack and Resources

This pack provides lesson resources across the Primary age range to support children to develop age appropriate, meaningful understanding of the themes of democracy, individual liberty, rule of law and mutual respect. All the lessons have been written by The Linking Network Advisors and a group of experienced Primary teachers.

The pack provides 48 lesson plans offering progression from Early Years to Year 6.  Accompanying teaching Powerpoints and resources for both Key Stages are available for free if you buy the pack.

Click here to view a sample powerpoint.

Reception and Key Stage 1: 12 lessons (3 Democracy, 3 Rule of Law, 3 Individual Liberty, 3 Mutual Respect)

Lower Key Stage 2: 23 lessons (4 Democracy, 4 Rule of Law, 8 Individual Liberty, 7 Mutual Respect)

Upper Key Stage 2: 13 lessons (2 Democracy, 2 Rule of Law, 5 Individual Liberty, 4 Mutual Respect)

The pack is available at a cost of £35.00.  To purchase please click here.

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