Care Home Friends: Intergenerational Linking Project

The Linking Network is proud to have partnered with My Home Life England to co-deliver the Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking project – England’s largest intergenerational project with care homes.

Care Home FaNs Intergenerational Linking

What was the project?

From 2019-2022, the project linked together over 4000 young people aged 5-14 from schools and youth organisations with approximately 2000 older people living in care homes across England.

We supported a brilliant group of charities and community organisations to lead Intergenerational Linking in 11 different areas across England.

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Outputs from the project

We are pleased to share a range of outputs and resources from the project, including our full research report and a practical guide to Intergenerational Linking for schools and care homes.



Care Home FaNs: IL research report

Care Home FaNs: Intergenerational Linking research summary

Care Home FaNs: Intergenerational Linking Handbook

A toolkit for schools and care homes taking part in Intergenerational Linking

For more information about this work and further resources, please visit the project website. 

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