Intergenerational Social Action in Rural Areas

What is the project all about?

This is a fully resourced project delivered by The Linking Network to engage young people in social action in their communities and connect with older people through this process.

In rural areas across Yorkshire, young and older people have explored issues of concern for their community, using a variety of mediums such as collage or zine making, drama, poetry, craftivism, film making and poster campaigns. Together they have considered ways to take action to make improvements and shared these with others in the community at carefully planned listening events.

Click below to see the toolkit which provides a wealth of resources and tips for schools and facilitators to set up their own intergenerational social action project.

Intergenerational Social Action Toolkit

It has been enlightening to discuss issues and discover that young people share very similar concerns to me at my age.


Highlights films:

Intergenerational Social Action Project Report

Intergenerational Social Action Evaluation

With thanks to The Dulverton Trust for funding this work.

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