Intergenerational Social Action Toolkit

Watch the videos for examples of our intergenerational social action projects in Yorkshire. You can read more here. Use the toolkit below to deliver your own intergenerational social action project in your community.

Ryedale Intergenerational Highlights

Sherburn Intergenerational Highlights

Calder Intergenerational Highlights

Our project overview

Intergenerational Principles

Youth Social Action Principles

Intergenerational safeguarding and inclusion

How to connect with schools

How to connect with local older people

Top tips for running your project

Intergenerational Conversation Starters

How to run a listening event

Young People Preparatory Session 1

Young People Preparatory Session 2

Reflection Sheet – age & ageing

Postcard Template

Intergenerational Social Action Curiosity Questions

Briefing sheet for older adults visiting school

Assembly: Intergenerational Changemakers

Tutorial: Intergenerational Changemakers

Listening Event Group Prompt Sheet

Intergenerational Social Action Project Report

Intergenerational Social Action Evaluation

Zine (Collage) Examples

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