Bradford: an intergenerational district

Our Vision

Our aim is to make Bradford an intergenerational district whereby every school is connected to a older person setting. Through Intergenerational Linking, we hope to give every young and older person across the district the opportunity to share time, build relationships and take action together. Our ultimate vision is that young and old across England have these opportunities.

How are we making this happen?

Facilitating partnerships

We help to partner together schools with a nearby older people's settings

Planning, training and support

We support staff from schools and older people's settings to plan their intergenerational link so that there is mutual benefit for all groups. We also offer training so that staff can learn more about best practice in intergenerational work.

Resources and activity ideas

We have a selection of thoughtful resources that can be used during Intergenerational Linking. This includes resources that prepare young and older people for meeting, getting to know you activities for the start of your intergenerational linking journey and ideas for intergenerational sessions.

Intergenerational Linking Resources

Sharing news

We love to hear about what our intergenerational links have been up to so that we can share news and ideas with others. Every half-term, we send out an 'Intergenerational Linking round-up' to all of our links in Bradford. Click below to have a read.

Bradford Intergenerational Linking Round-ups

With thanks to Bradford for Everyone for funding this work

How to get involved:

If you’re interested in Intergenerational Linking in Bradford, contact us today.

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