Children Sharing Their Ideas Across the Nation!

26 June, 2024

Being forgiving and treating others how you want to be treated”

St William of York Primary School, Bolton

What would your answer be to the question, ‘How do we all live well together?’ This was just one of the hundreds of suggestions from primary schools across England as they took part in The Linking Network’s (TLN) live online sessions during this week’s national Schools Linking Celebration Week.

These live sessions are an opportunity for 1000s of primary school children who have taken part in Schools Linking this year to celebrate and share their stories of linking and feel the power and solidarity of others doing it up and down the country.

There were so many highlights of the Schools Linking year that were shared! In Rochdale, Belfield Primary loved the creative movement workshop they had taken part in with their linking partners, Castleton Primary. In Nelson, Lomeshaye Juniors, enjoyed making friends with their partner school Wheatley Lane Methodist Primary School.

Our key question ‘How do we all live well together?’ was included in a quick round of the game ‘Would you rather..?’ If we are all to live well together then we need to look after our world. How to best do this was a difficult choice between ‘encourage more people to recycle’ or ‘plant more trees’. We also need to think about other people. Again, no right or wrong answers but the choice was, ‘make some art for older people to enjoy’ or ‘learn sign supported English’. What would you rather…?

Children then shared their  own suggestions for how we can all live well together. There were so many fantastic ideas including in Leicestershire, Thythorn Field Primary wrote, “To look after our environment. Not to litter. To discourage overfishing. Helping people`’; in Burnley, Cherry Fold Primary School shared, ‘learning new languages, learning new skills with new people, learning about other cultures and helping one another.’

We were amazed at the range of ideas children shared, showing the depth of their understanding of what it takes to live well together.

For more information about our Schools Linking and to see if there is a programme in your area, click here.

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