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  • Live Schools Linking Lesson with Children’s Poet Laureate Joseph Coelho and The British Library  

Live Schools Linking Lesson with Children’s Poet Laureate Joseph Coelho and The British Library  

08 February, 2024

“Thank you so much for today, we have learnt so much about ourselves and those around us! Thank you, Joseph!”

When classes take part in Schools Linking they have access to a range of free opportunities and experiences as well as resources to run the programme.

One such opportunity happened at the end of last year; we were delighted to host a very special Live Lesson and in total, 130 classes from all across England joined the call.  This gave children a chance to see other classes from across the country who also take part in the project as well as enhance their learning and interest in poetry and writing.  

This Live Lesson was held in collaboration with The British Library and featured the wonderful  Children’s Poet Laureate, Joseph Coelho who joined us, sharing his poem ‘Beautifully different, Wonderfully the same’ . Along with Nahida Nazir and Julie Ann McCulloch from The Linking Network Joseph then helped children to think about the similarities and differences they shared with those in their own classes. These ranged from ‘same bones, same hearts, different skin colour’ to ‘same kindness, same love, different people’.  

It was a fun and exciting experience enabling children to engage in poetry directly with a famous poet. Teachers were thrilled to be able to provide such a special opportunity for their pupils.

We are really excited about the ways in which new technology is able to enhance our work when used alongside face to face Linking to bring children together. We incorporate live video lessons throughout the year-long Schools Linking programme for Primary schools. They help to prepare children to meet and are one of a variety of ways we use to support children to get to know each other.

Research tells us that shared experiences of many kinds create common bonds so throughout the Schools Linking Year we seek to build in many different opportunities

To contact us at The Linking Network, email info@thelinkingnetwork.org.uk or find us on X @Linking_Network #schoolslinking or www.thelinkingnetwork.org.uk. There are currently local Schools Linking Programmes in these 25 areas of England and recruitment for 2024-2025 will start in the Summer Term if you would like to take part.

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