Arts and Drama-based Linking in Bolton

02 July, 2024


Year 6 representatives from 4 Bolton Primary Schools came together for a Schools Linking Celebration Event at Bolton’s Science and Technology Centre to share their learning. These children were just some of the 960 children from 32 classes from 22 schools who have taken part in Bolton Schools Linking this year enjoying meeting and learning together.

At the beginning of the event the children explored the similarities and differences they had in common. One child reflected that they, ‘had quite a few things in common even though they had never met.’ Football and food were popular themes!

The children then took part in some warm-up games before their drama workshop. Lots of fun was had as the cat chased the rat!

The drama session was led by Farjana, a refugee from Bangladesh who had to flee from her home because of the dangers for her family. The children listened avidly to her story and asked so many questions. With her support, in mixed groups they created pieces of drama to represent situations faced by refugees around the world and throughout history. They then used this to help empathise with the plight of refugees. What could we do to make a difference? One child’s recommendation was to, ‘be respectful because you don’t know their story/background.’ another reflected, ‘Refugees can be anyone.’ Maryam wrote, ‘Treat everyone how you want to be treated.’

The level of understanding and empathy shown by the children was impressive. Having learnt so much together about how challenging life can be, their thoughtful, respectful and kind attitudes brought the project to an end with a real sense of hope and positivity for the future.

Each of the Year 6 pupils from 4 Bolton primary schools were awarded with badges, pens and a certificate. Each Year 6 class had worked with an artist to first explore examples of when human beings fail to consider the question, ‘How do we all live well together?’ Having learnt about current and historical examples of genocide, the pupils then focused on peace and what is needed for this to flourish. Large-scale pieces of art were created to represent their ‘child of peace’ using symbolic colours, images and quotes.

If you are from a primary, secondary or special school in Bolton and would like to join the Schools Linking programme next year, contact Nicola Mahon on Here is the list of all the areas where Schools Linking is operating.

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