We’ve been Linking for 3 years!

02 July, 2024

Year 5 children from 6 Pendle Primary Schools worked with the artist, Gosha Gibek-Brand, to create an exhibition which explores identity through ‘a cross-community expression in celebration of people, cultures and the local landscape’. Three linking pairs of schools which had already linked for 2 previous years, came together to produce this collaborative artwork which is now on view in Nelson Library and the community space at Systems 3B. As part of the Pendle Festival of Culture, parents were then invited to not only see their children’s artwork, but also to take part in the same workshop with Gosha so that further conversations about identity and community could take place.

To celebrate their achievements in their Year 5 Schools Linking Art Project, the children of Marsden Primary and St Michael’s and All Angels C of E Primary came together one more time to see their artwork proudly displayed and to enjoy another day together. They had a fun session in Nelson Library, encouraging the children to make use of this local facility, which involved dressing up and sharing the joy of smelling old books!

They also enjoyed a musical session together which included a didgeridoo, spotting invisible animals in a song and a great deal of laughter!

These 6 Primary Schools are part of the Pendle Schools Linking Programme which currently links together 40 classes across the borough. The hope is that next year, even more of those involved will build on their partnerships and link the children together for second and third years so that the relationships can really strengthen and the impact of linking deepen.

Having been involved in linking now for many years, Sara Richardson, Headteacher at St Michael’s and All Angels C of E Primary School shared her reasons for signing up again and again. ‘You have to think about what you want for your children when they leave at the end of Year 6. For me, one of the most important things is that they have tolerance and respect for others. Our school is nearly of 100% white British backgrounds – it is really important that we do this. So we make time for it. I have seen the impact of this on the children.’

The Pendle Schools Linking Programme is currently recruiting schools for next year, if you would like your school to be involved, contact Holly Noonan on holly@buildingbridgespendle.org.uk.

To watch a short video about the Pendle programme, click here.

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