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“Find out what you’re passionate about – then go for it!”

09 April, 2024

These are some of the words of wisdom that older women in Bradford shared with female
secondary school pupils in Bradford as part of an ‘Intergenerational Conversations’
workshop led by The Linking Network in collaboration with the WOW Girls Festival and
Bradford Council.

The WOW – Women of the World – Girls Festival toured Bradford district in March on a
vibrant, custom-made bus. The WOW Foundation is known for running WOW Festivals – the
biggest, most comprehensive festival celebrating women, girls and non-binary people in the

Pupils at three secondary schools in Bradford, Titus Salt School, Bronte Girls’ Academy and
Appleton Academy, took part in empowering, creative workshops exploring gender identity
and equality.

In TLN’s ‘Intergenerational Conversations’ workshop, pupils talked with older adults about the
challenges and opportunities that they’d faced as women growing up and what young girls
faced today. Topics such as inequality in education and the workplace, balancing careers
and families and the influence of social media were all discussed.

Helena, one of the older volunteers, shares her experience, “First and foremost, these
events are never a one-way experience. The young students were wonderful and a credit to
their families and school. Yes I spoke about my experiences but these women also had
experiences which I learned from. Such events are so valuable, teach us all so much, break
down barriers and address prejudices.”

The Linking Network also delivers a range of Secondary Schools Linking programmes and Intergenerational Linking programmes. Visit our website to find out more.

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