Adventure Playground Activity


This resource allows children to reflect on what they enjoy and why, then use their creativity and team work to create something unique.

Resources to download

  • Adventure Playground Activity word pdf


What do you enjoy and why? How can you make it better?


The objective of this activity is to design a playground for children to enjoy together.


Brainstorm – In pairs or small groups ask the children to recall a time when they have been to an adventure playground.  Hand out or display the photographs of children playing on an adventure playground.  Ask the children to brainstorm in pairs or small groups what they enjoy most about playgrounds and why onto a large piece of paper.

Feedback – encourage the children to identify good things about equipment and ideas for how it might be improved.  Ask the children to consider which age group it would be best for and why.  Ask each pair or group to feedback their thoughts to the classroom.

Introduce Task ‘To Design an Adventure Playground’ – Ask each pair or group to design an adventure playground.  Hand out photo sheets to stimulate ideas but remind children to be creative and use their own ideas as well.  Before beginning, discuss ways of working with a partner, about compromising and ensuring it is fair.

Plenary – Display the designs around the classroom and allow the children to view each other’s work. Discuss good design points and highlight pairs who have shared ideas fairly.


  • Photographs of children playing on an adventure playground
  • Stimulus photographs of adventure playground equipment – each pair
  • Prompt question sheet – each pair
  • A3 paper – each pair
  • Scrap paper / pencils / felt tip pens / pencil crayons


This activity is suitable for Key Stage 1.


Approximately 30 – 45 minutes.


This is a teacher led, group activity.