Drama Games for a School Linking Visit

This resource gives ideas for drama games a primary teacher can lead during a second linking class visit of the year.  Ideal for a classroom sized space.

KS2 | 45 – 60 Mins | Teacher led, group activity


What have we done during our linking year? What have we enjoyed? What has had an impact on us?


Flipchart/Whiteboard/Marker pen


Introduction / Starter (2 mins)

  • Children come in and sit in a big circle. Explain that we are going to be playing some games and doing role play.
  • Encourage children to enjoy taking part, but keep a careful watch in case any of the group feels uncomfortable and needs extra support.

Mirror Images (10 mins)

  • Divide the group into pairs, facing one another. Call one A, the other B.
  • Each pair to stand, sit or kneel in identical positions.
  • A starts moving one hand slowly, then their arm – B copies so closely that it should not be noticeable who is leading. Gradually other parts of the body are introduced into the exercise.
  • Then B takes over as leader.
  • The leadership can swap backwards and forwards more quickly as confidence increases, each tracing the actions of the other precisely. Each participant is equal in the exercise – keep an eye out that this is happening and that one child is not leading all the time.

Guess It (10 mins)

  • Use the same A and B person as before and make groups of four.
  • Children have to give each other an action to do. Person A has to tell person B an action and person B has to show a freeze frame or movement of that action. The other children in their group have to try and guess what it is.  For example, sports or ‘ing’ words i.e. running jumping, crying, laughing, dancing.
  • Once they have all had a turn, ask the group to plan three actions that they can show the rest of the group so that everyone can guess what their three actions are.

Freeze It Show It (20 mins)

  • Ask the children to think and reflect on all the things they have done over the year and make a note of it on a whiteboard or flipchart. For example, meeting for the first time; activities on first class visit; activities on a second class visit; skyping each other using the SLN Virtual Learning Environment (VLE); any shared work; emailing.
  • In groups of five or six create freeze frames or role play of the linking schools visits. Give the children 10 minutes to prepare something to show.  They then perform them and the other children guess what each group is doing.


Thank the children for joining in and re-cap what you’ve done focussing on reflection over the year.


Who are we? What can you remember?  Each partner has one minute to find out as much information as possible about their partner.  They then have to tell their partner what they just said.


This activity is suitable for children in Key Stage 2.


Approximately 45 – 60 minutes. Individual activity times specified above.


This is a teacher led, group activity.


This activity is especially designed for linking.

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