Example LN Class Visit Plan

 Linking Class visit: Example


10.00– School A arrive: greetings and put bags, coats away, find your partners

10.15 – Warm up games (Church hall)

  • Birthday Game

The teacher calls out any month of the year. All the children with birthdays in that month turn and run round the outside of the circle in a clockwise direction until they reach their place again. Liven it up by calling 3 or 4 months at the same time

  • Animals

Give out a set of cards with different animals on. The aim is for them to find all the children with the same animal by just making the sound or action of the animal without showing the card!

  • 123 (4) game
  • Cross the Circle Use aspects of the children’s and adults identity to get them to change places across the circle. Change places if you…have/are/like/etc. E.g. Change places if you have a brother…Change places if you like football…Change places if you like fruit etc

10.40- Activity 1  A= Freddie Fit (main hall) B=Hand Art (Saturn Classroom)      C= Building Challenge (Jupiter Classroom)

11.30-Changeover-School B TA set up Church hall for lunch –tables and chairs

11.35 – Activity 2   A=Hand Art (Saturn Class)      B=Building Challenge (Jupiter Classroom)      C= Freddie Fit (main hall)

12.25 –Gather in main hall

12.30 – Lunch in the Church Hall (1 set of toilets – send girls and then boys) Fire safety talk first.

1.05- Getting to know you more:

  • Hoola Hoop

Hold hands. Can we move the hula hoops around the circle?

  • 3 similarities and 3 differences

Children work with their partner and interview each other to find three visible ways that they are the same/different and then three invisible ways.

  • Change three things about your appearance

Ask them to turn back-to-back and change 3 things about their appearance. Partners turn around when ready and try to guess the 3 things that have changed.

1.25 – Activity 3  A= Building Challenge (Jupiter Classroom)    B=Freddie Fit (main hall)      C= Hand Art (Saturn Classroom)

2.05 – Winners, Reflection Tree & Goodbyes

  • What did you enjoy (leaves)
  • What are you looking forward to? (apples)

Resources to download

  • Class Visit Example word pdf
  • Class visit example for 2 form entry Primary word