Have you filled a bucket today?

by Carole McCloud 2015 Bucket Fillers  ISBN-10: 099609993X

Through a simple story this heart-warming book encourages positive behaviour as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love. Bucket filling and dipping are effective metaphors for understanding the effects of our actions and words on the wellbeing of others and ourselves. Many schools we know use this in Key Stage One and Two as part of their PSHE.


Resources to go with this book


  • Primary Linking – Spring/Summer Term CPD2

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? (PowerPoint). The fantastic book ‘Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?‘ by Carol McCloud explores how words and actions can impact people positively and negatively through the concept that every person has an invisible bucket, which can be filled through kind actions and words. A great book, which can be used to develop emotional intelligence and promote positive interaction with others. This PowerPoint contains ideas for work in class as well as activities for linking class visits.