The Great Crisp Challenge

An initiative building task and fun challenge for students.

KS2 | 25 Mins | Teacher led

Challenge: Your task is to build a container suitable to hold one crisp, and strong enough to ensure it will not break if a book is placed on top of it.  Your container must display a suitable logo and have an ‘advertising jingle’ to go with it.


  • 5 crisps (make sure you have ‘spares’ to practice with
  • 15 sheets of A1 paper
  • A strip of sticky tape
  • 3 felt pens
  • Pens or pencils
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 ruler


25 Minutes


Awarded as follows:

Task Points Your Team’s Score
A ‘safe’ crisp 25 points
Logo 0 – 15 points
Jingle originality 0 – 15 points
Team work 0 – 15 points
Maximum Score 60 points  


Resources to download

  • The Great Crisp Challenge word pdf