I am I

By Marie -Louise Fitzpatrick 2006 Roaring Book Press ISBN: 978-1-596430540

This is an excellent text for exploring getting along in the classroom, the playground and at home. The two children face each other and both are boastfuI and hurtful to the other. An argument breaks out between them that grows in scale and as it develops it impacts not just the two of them but the landscape around them. The words they saw become barbed wire and take flight, morphing into a fire breathing dragon that is destructive. In time they realise what they have done and apologise to one another.
I Am I is a memorable and stimulating text on the power of words. We use this book in the classroom to challenge children to think the ways in which people can hurt others with words and explore alternatives as part of the schools linking year to explore How we all live together. The activity we often use for this book is to ask primary children to advise the two children how to get along better and the advice we find children given is profound. If you ever need to assess the impact of your work on SMSC and British values in school assessing the advice they give in this task is an excellent place to start.