Where Do We Live? The Places We Have Lived and Belonged

Focus: Cultural and Spiritual Development


To develop pupils’ curiosity in others and cultural understanding of the diversity of experience of migration and belonging in people they know.

Learning Objective

To learn where different people have lived and belonged.


Blue Beauty – an amazing powerpoint available on You Tube with music showing earth, during both night and day, from space.  Click here to view.


With staff and community about where they have lived and belonged placing labels onto a world map.  It is particularly important to affirm those who have never moved as well as affirming those who have migrated.

In the school where this assembly was first used, Mushtaq, a faith tutor said: “I call myself a Bradfordian, I went to school here and played in the football team and I was born in Pakistan so I am from Pakistan.”  This positive and thoughtful approach is the one to aim for.


‘Consider Yourself’ – from the stage production ‘Oliver’ – available on www.singup.org

‘He’s got the whole world’ – available on www.singup.org

End of Assembly Song

‘Introduce Refuge’ – available on www.singup.org

As pupils leave the assembly explaining that the words of this song are about the welcome we choose to give others.

“I’ll be your refuge, your shelter, your fortress, I’ll be your champion.

I’ll be your refuge, your pilot, your brother, Your northern star.

Don’t be down-hearted, I’ll be your refuge.”