Noughts and Crosses

Ideas for using film extracts of the book ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Majorie Blackman by the Royal Shakespeare Company.  This resource encourages users to think critically about the hurtful impact words can have and discusses how we can make a difference to others.

The ideas and resources for this lesson are from the RSC Noughts and Crosses activity pack.

This lesson is totally discussion-based and students make progress by assessing their own and others’ discussion skills. The discussion criteria is based on GCSE speaking and listening assessment criteria from the specifications.

Students may have been asked to bring in pictures of a person they think is “someone”. You might need to prepare some pictures as a backup, just in case they don’t bring these in.

KS4 | Group

Resources to download

  • Discussion skills lesson plan word pdf
  • Assessment criteria for discussions at Key Stage 4 word pdf
  • Would you rather be a somebody or make a difference? ppt pdf
  • Graffiti wall A3 template word pdf
  • RSC Noughts and Crosses activities pdf