Remember Together Resources for Remembrance

We’ve created some assembly slides using stories shared by the Royal British Legion and British Future and others for you to use in school to focus on the contribution and sacrifice of people from Britain and across the commonwealth as part of the  ‘Remember Together’ campaign.  ‘Remember Together is a project from British Future and The Royal British Legion that aims to bring people from different backgrounds together in remembrance of our shared history. It highlights and celebrates the service and sacrifice made by servicemen and women of all creeds and colours, engaging new audiences and helping make the national tradition of Remembrance feel relevant and inclusive to everybody in Britain today.

Schools can select from and add these slides to their remembrance assembly. These assemblies are adaptable to fit with each school’s traditions for remembrance and there are also slides that can be used to give pupils an opportunity to reflect on the importance of remembrance and the ways different people mark remembrance.

There are 2 Primary and 1 Secondary resources available and all are free to download below. Primary A is the Assembly we shared last year so if you used it last year you may prefer to use Primary B which has new stories this year.


Primary Assembly Remember Together 2021 A


Primary Assembly Remember Together 2021 B





Secondary Remember Together Assembly 2021





Remember Together Workshop Resources

There is a Key Stage Two workshop available to download here for primary classes to explore the stories of different people across Britain and the Commonwealth.