Sharing Common Goals

An activity that uses the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to explore the idea of common goals, shared ideals and the ways in which we can help each other to achieve these.

KS3 | 60 Mins | Teacher led


KEY QUESTION: What is important to us all? If we share common goals then how can we support each other to reach them?


This activity uses the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to engage learners in thinking about universal goals. What do we consider to be shared aims and common goals and how do we reach these? Once we have identified them, how do we make sure that they are truly enjoyed by everyone?

This activity builds upon an introductory activity that uses lists as a way to explore priorities. If your learners are not familiar with the idea of global targets/goals, you may wish to consider using the ‘Top 3 of me’ activity as an introduction to this one.



1. Explain that there is a list of 8 goals for the world called the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) that was drawn up by 180 countries in 2000 and monitored by the United Nations (UN). The target for reaching the MDGs is 2015.

2. Before sharing the MDGs with learners ask them to work briefly in small groups to construct a list of the 8 goals they would set for the world and then choose the most urgent

3. Compare your lists to the MDGs (visit  link below for a poster of the MDGs)

4. Discuss these goals and consider questions such as:

Why was it necessary for so many countries in the world to make these 8 goals a priority?

What things in the MDGs might some people in the world take for granted? Why is that?

Have you ever thought that someone your age may wish for something that you take for granted?

5. Ask learners to research progress towards meeting these goals in 2015. The web tab to the right provides up to date information on progress towards each goal including interactive maps and a countdown clock to the deadline! Once they have done their research discuss their findings. Some questions that might help to start a discussion include:

How do they feel about the progress made?

What would your advice be to countries who are struggling to meet the 8 goals?

Is it always the responsibility of individual countries to meet these goals?


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Based on original material created by The Linking Network and Lifeworlds Learning


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