Strand by Me

A fun and participatory activity that allows learners to discover the connections between themselves.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Teacher led

KEY QUESTION: How am I connected to others?


This is a popular and well-known ‘icebreaker’ often called Spider’s Web that can be used to explore ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Who are we?’ and to share things about ‘my identity’. Learners sit or stand in a circle and build a web of interconnections.


  1. The teacher starts by holding a ball of string in his/her hand and saying,
    “My name is ____ and I like _____. Who else likes ____?”
  2. Then still holding the end of the string, throw the ball to someone else who likes that activity.
  3. That person then says the same sentences but using a different activity or thing.
    As the game goes on learners will become connected by the web. As the web is being built people often see connection with a spider web, stars or other natural patterns. If one person pulls on the web, everyone else is affected, highlighting interdependence.

Note: When most learners are connected, encourage the group to think carefully and suggest things that they know will connect everyone.


When everyone is connected, the teacher could choose to then ask for a volunteer, and drop or cut the strings connecting that person to the others.


The group can be asked how that person might feel, but can also focus on what excluding that person does to the web of connections.


You could suggest that a community is weaker if it begins to exclude people, and communities that include everyone are stronger.


Based on original material created by The Linking Network and Lifeworlds Learning

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