Who Are We? ‘Names Assembly’

Focus: Moral and Social Development


To develop pupils’ understanding of diversity, through looking at the variety of different names in their school community, and to explore the value of names to themselves and others.  This positive view of names is a good foundation to a subsequent assembly that looks at developing understanding about the hurt that name calling can cause.

Learning Objective

To learn about names, their diversity, and the importance of using names as a way to demonstrate friendship.

  •  Ask someone to act as a scribe and record what is shared about names in the assembly.
  • Explain that the assembly is going to be about our names. Names are really important.  We use them all the time.  Knowing someone’s name is an important step in being friendly, along with smiling.
  • ‘Talking partners’. Ask everyone (including all adults) to turn to the person next to them and talk about their name.  Ask them several questions in turn. What is your name? Do you know what your name means? Are there any stories about your name? Do you have a ‘nickname’? Who gave you your name?
  • Interview a few pre-selected adults from within school or specially invited visitors to school and ask them to share the meaning of their name, who gave it to them and any stories connected to their name etc.

 Reflection or Prayer (depending on your school policy)

The Lion Book of 1,000 Prayers for Children 

  • Ask the children to think about how important names are to each of us and how important they are for being friendly and welcoming to others.
  • Challenge everyone to find out three people’s names today.

 “May the things I say build trust and friendship

May the things I do build trust and friendship

May I set my heart on trust and friendship.”



‘You Got A Friend in Me’ from Toy Story (Disney) Newman 1996 – available on www.singup.org

KS1 Welcome song – available  on www.singup.org