Who Are We? Our Greatest Achievements

Focus: Spiritual Development


To develop pupils’ understanding of diversity within their own school and to help them understand that there is more depth to everyone’s story than is visible.

Learning Objective

To enjoy discovering people’s stories about their achievements.


Facilitate two-minute interviews with a range of school staff, for example the caretaker, teaching assistants, lollipop person, and ask them to share their greatest achievement with the pupils.  Suggest the staff bring a relevant object to show the children, through which they can demonstrate a link to their achievement (e.g. running shoe, badge, certificate …)


‘Into the Sun’ – a folk song written in 2009 by Roger Davies and available on iTunes

“Everybody’s gonna take it one step at a time

Everybody’s gonna make it to the finishing line

Coming out of the darkness together as one

We’re gonna walk into the sun”

‘OK’  – available on www.singup.org

“Find your place, be the best that you can be…

The future’s in your hands, live learn and understand.”

 ‘Believe’ – available on www.singup.org

“When I look up to the stars… if I can just believe in me.”

‘Proud’ – a song by Heather Small

 Reflection or Prayer (depending on your school policy)

The Lion Book of 1,000 Prayers for Children 

“When I feel like a nobody

going nowhere,

make me into a somebody

doing something for you.”