Who’s Who? Identity Mysteries

A quiz-style activity that uses photographs and mysteries to explore how we tell who somebody is.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Teacher led


KEY QUESTION: How can we tell who somebody is?


This activity helps learners to explore the invisible differences between people, through a quiz and mysteries. It can be used in place of or in conjunction with the visible and invisible differences activity.

The quiz that begins this activity is most effective if you are able to use photos and information about the adults (teachers, support staff, admin team, caretaking team, dinner time staff etc) in your school, as this highlights how difficult it sometimes is to really ‘know’ someone and becomes much more enjoyable for learners (or a staff team!). However, if time is limited you could use photos and information about any adults.


  1. Complete the Who’s Who quiz here, by displaying the photos, either as print-outs or together on a slide, and reading or sharing each mystery. Learners need to decide who they think is who, and they can record their answers for fun, to check at the end, when the teacher reads out or displays the answers.
  2. Discuss which ones seemed easier to guess and which were hard, and discuss the key question: how can we tell who somebody is? You can choose to relate this to prejudice at this point, depending on what other work has been done, or leave this until later.
  3. Learners should now create their own identity mystery to put in to a class quiz, by thinking of something you know about yourself that no one else knows (e.g. my grandmother worked as a spy during the war, or I look after my own rabbits at home), write it down, and put it in a class box.
  4. For the teacher: mix up the mysteries and give them out again, then the class can in turn read out a mystery, and say who they think it is and why. This again explores assumptions, and also that sometimes we are right in our guesses about people, but sometimes we are wrong.

Note: This can work well if you print out photos of each person and put them up around the class, then the group decide which mystery is which person, sticking cards next to the photos, with the rule that you have to be silent and not draw attention to yourself when you are being talked about, to let the quiz work.


Based on original material created by The Linking Network and Lifeworlds Learning

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