Intergenerational Linking

These resources support Intergenerational Linking  inside and outside the classroom.


Intergenerational Linking Book List

These books, suggested by the TLN team, are fantastic to use with children to before and during an Intergenerational Linking project.

Intergenerational Linking Book List


Intergenerational Curiosity Questions

Questions that children, young people and older people can use to promote intergenerational conversations and relationships. These questions are suggestions only and can easily be adapted. 

Curiosity Questions PDF

Curiosity Questions editable

Postcards to Care Homes

Sending a postcard to an older person living in a care home is a fantastic way for children to start making intergenerational links. In a digital age, receiving something in the post is exciting for all ages! Using a blank postcard template means that children can create their own design on the front.

Postcard to care homes activity